We’re on our way!

David Beeby – 12th September 2019

Started off wet and got wetter and windier as the day went on!! Well, we are in Cumbria. As the saying goes – there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing!

Lovely starting in Ulverston. Unfortunately, there was no time to visit the Laurel and Hardy museum.

We have never walked so far south in the county. Some very pleasant rolling countryside and plenty of good quality grass for the livestock.

Had an interesting chat with a young farmer with sheep and beef cattle. A tough life. They got out of dairy after foot and mouth. We talked about the Community Foundations role in disasters. Lamb prices falling (in his view due to the concerns re Brexit) although breeding stock prices holding up due to the belief that farming will be alright beyond Brexit “Farming has always adapted and survived.”

Walked passed some tiny little Shetland ponies and a few fields on the biggest shire horse I have ever seen. An unexpected contrast. The Foundation awarded £2,000 to The Fell Pony Heritage Centre towards its recent exhibition at Rheged. These ponies have been bred on the upland fells for centuries by the farmers who have allocated grazing rights for their farm animals.

What a joy to be out walking in our fabulous countryside. As we progressed north, the landscape started to become more rugged. Perhaps the better known landscape of our county.

So a good first day.

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