Sun, swimming and a night in Coniston

David Beeby – 13th September 2019

Day two is dry and warm day all day – a pleasant surprise!

Getting back on to the route, we came across a van putting up ultra high speed fibre wires. In my view this is THE most important infra structure project in our county. Delighted to see this happening, and they were delighted to have a photo taken and feature in the blog!

Cumbria Community Foundation has supported several broadband installation projects, including Northen Fells Broadband, Great Asby Broadband CIC and Sunderland Community Fibre Partnership, near Cockermouth.

Soo had a swim in Beacon tarn. No doubt invigorating. I was happy to watch!

A beautiful day today, where we came across a lot of people enjoying the joys of our great county. As the day progressed, we got in to the more traditional views of fells and lakes. Wonderful reminders of the joys of Cumbria.

We also know that there are many in the county who are isolated so it was good to finish the day by visiting the Coniston Sports and Social Club where we were hosted by Olly, the manager. He is full of energy and keen to develop the use of the club for the benefit of the community. He fully understands the risk of isolation and we at the Community Foundation have helped fund a fitness project for the over 60’s, Young at Heart.

Some basic fitness and social interchange is so important for older people.

One 88 year old lady living on her own comes just for the lunch which follows the class. The highlight of her week. Olly has now just started a youth club. What a great move – we know there is a direct correlation between the closure of youth clubs and the growth of violent crime so it is fantastic to see a new one being established in Coniston.

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