Age Friendly South Lakeland

Age-friendly communities are places where people of all ages can live healthy and active lives. These places make it possible for people to continue to stay in their homes, participate in the activities that they enjoy, and contribute to their communities, for as long as possible.

We are all living longer. By 2040, and for the first time in history, more than 40% of people in the UK will be aged 50 and over. However, we are not ageing evenly across the country.

Cumbria is defined as having a ‘super-ageing’ population. This means that there is an increase in the number of people in the older age groups, and a decrease in the number in the younger age groups. Over a 28% of the South Lakeland population is aged over 65.

As we grow older, our health needs become more complex with physical and mental health needs impacting on each other.

There are inequalities among older people in terms of deprivation and health outcomes, life expectancy and general health, and it is often the poorest older adults who suffer the greatest disadvantage.
Some residents are also extremely isolated, which presents additional challenges, particularly with access to services.

Healthy ageing is a concept promoted by WHO (World Health Organisation) that considers the ability of people of all ages to live a healthy, safe, and socially inclusive lifestyle.

The WHO has set out an “Age Friendly Communities” framework based around eight domains:
• the built environment
• transport
• housing
• social participation
• respect and social inclusion
• civic participation and employment
• communication and information; and
• community support and health services

In Age Friendly communities, older residents help to shape the place that they live.
This involves local groups, councils, businesses, and residents all working together to identify and make changes in both the physical and social environments.

There are over 65 Age Friendly Communities in the UK and South Lakeland is the first in Cumbria.
For more information on Age Friendly South Lakes please contact Katie Gatt via or 07546 985705.

Please follow the link to our online Age Friendly South Lakeland Survey.

Age Friendly Communities are a concept developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
The aim is to give our communities a voice around what would be beneficial to them on a local level .
What is needed to enable our aging communities to live longer happier healthier lives within their own community.
There are over 60 Age Friendly cities, towns, and districts in the UK.
South Lakeland is the first in Cumbria.

The results of this survey will be fed back to Councils and other organisations as relevant to help look at what needs to change to enable South Lakeland to become more Age Friendly.

Please take this opportunity to have your input into the future of South Lakeland.