Team Handelsbanken

28th July 2015

After our successful Tour de France campaign we now turn our attention to the Jennings Rivers Ride…………….if only that were true!

We are a team of 10 Bankers primarily from the Handelsbanken Branches in Penrith and Kendal, but also with representation from our Branches in Lancaster and Preston.

From volunteering through to gentle persuasion and claims of LMF (lack of moral fibre) we have pulled together an elite band of cyclists with one aim………not to get off and walk up Honister! For some of us the training is a simple extension of an existing thirst for all things 2 wheeled…..for some an insatiable desire to create an existing thirst….and for others a need to prove an end to LMF.

The training is progressing well and amidst coast to coast rides, quick dashes up and down Shap after work, and gentle Saturday morning spins around the lanes of Cumbria, most of us are looking forward to supporting the excellent Cumbria Community Foundation on the 27th September.