The NSG Psyclopaths – The Big Journey Begins

27th July 2015

Hello again my loyal and (fool) hardy chums.

What a difference a couple of weeks makes!

From the highs of a first training ride with my fellow Psyclos to the lows of increasing pain and tiredness through lack of sleep, it has been a rollercoaster these last two weeks.

Lets get the depressing stuff out the way. Following the last blog and the full diagnosis I have been waiting for a start date for the chemo. During that time the pain had increased to such an extent that sleep was impossible, being bent double, wiping away the tears wishing it would stop did little to help. A call to the Rosemere Centre for any advice on pain relief actually lead to a confirmation date of 23rd July for the first batch of Chemo. Result!!

The big day arrived and accompanied by The Darling Wife we settled in for what turned out to be six hours in the company of a team of wonderful specialist nurses who expertly plumbed me into the chemical plant and switched on the pump. Although it was a long and tiring day the relief to be actually getting some treatment was enormous. What made it even better was the pain went away! Thursday and Friday were the first full nights sleep I had had for over three weeks. Coupled with the steroids I began to feel like my old self, but better!!

Confession time. The three week chemo cycles mean that I should have another session the Thursday before the ride so I will be on steroids!! There goes all the good work that fellow Velominati, Chris Froome has been doing to make sure cycling is clean!!!

What of my fellow Psyclos I hear you cry. Well the team grows ever larger with the addition of an even younger Baby Psyclo, my fellow NSG colleague Joshua Rimmer, we’ve yet to be convinced of his prowess on the Velo but no doubt youth will get him through.

Reports are coming to yours truly about training rides from the Budding Musician (18 miles), Lozza and Baby Psyclos. Even newbie Alistair attempted the Iron Man hills of Anglezarke but failed at the base of hill one under a vociferous vocal tirade from his Darling Partner who took an instant dislike to the sheer face of tarmac that rose infront of her. Still, seven miles isn’t a bad start!!!!

The sponsorship is also progressing well, we are now at 86% of the new target. As Robbie and Kylie once said “Let’s keep doing it for the kids” –

Thanks also go to fellow blogger Ian Curwen for promoting my blog, no rivalry there just yet then!!!

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this thought, “The voice in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar”!!

Let’s do it my friends!!