The NSG Psyclopaths – The Sequel

8th June 2015

Is it really a year, a whole 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, etc, etc….., since our last date, how you must have missed me!

So, my cycling chums, what have you all been up to since you gave your all to the cause last May? Have you been keeping the faith in the saddle or have you let slip last years convictions to keep at it? Did your New Years resolutions include getting the bike out from under all that accumulated rubbish in your garage?

Well my friends it’s that time again, to get the bike serviced (or in the case of Rust Bucket Rudd – get it shotblasted to remove the rust!), to dig out the lycra, to shave those legs (really??).

It’s Rivers Ride 2015!!

The good news is that the NSG Psyclos will be back! Hoorah I hear you cry, whether the team will contain the original magnificent athletes from 2014 remains to be seen. Sign up has been slow but now we are up and running (or cycling if you prefer) I am convinced that there will be a rush from the 2014 alumni.

The call to arms has been raised within the NSG camp, you may remember the other NSG team?  – those honking NSGeese, maybe not, but just like the Premier League and the Championship there may be some promotions and relegations within the teams. We’ll have to wait and see.

“What about your training” I hear you all yell, well as you’d expect my chums, I’ve not been idle when it comes to the Velo. The hills of Rivington, Belmont and Anglezarke have continued to provide the hill climbs whilst the roads to Blackpool and Southport provide the distance.

2014 Summer holidays provided a significant milestone, The Darling Wife actually cycled up a hill in Northern Brittany without stalling and falling off. I take the credit as it was my encouragement that provided her with the boost she needed, however the lack of communication throughout the remainder of the holiday was a tad unjust, I thought!!! Still, she’s now talking to me again, even if it is only in words of one syllable. She’ll come round I’m sure.

Anyway enough of this domestic waffle, back to the ride.

It’s great to see Jennings back as the main sponsor but please can they bring bigger glasses this year. It’s very hard to restore ones lost fluids with such small measures!!!

A “little” light refreshment

So let’s get up and at it, give those justgiving pages and sponsorship forms a dust off, oh, and do you remember that wise man I know?  He said recently “Instead of giving reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can”

Welcome back!!