Winter Warmth Appeal raises record amount!

1st April 2015

OLDER people around the county have been kept warmer this year thanks to Cumbria Community Foundation’s Winter Warmth Fund.

The appeal, which is in its fifth year has surpassed previous years figure and raised over £107,000 with almost £15,000 of that coming from the Foundation’s Big Sleep fundraisers in February.

Mrs Smith is 77 from Millom. A couple of years ago she became a widow, and has been struggling to pay full rent and council tax on her own. Her own health also suffers as she gets older: “I spend the nights worrying about how I can pay the rent – so paying to put the boiler on is out of the question sometimes,” She said.

“The grant reassured me that I can have a nice warm house over the winter and have a little less to worry about.”

The Winter Warmth Appeal began when someone donated their Winter Fuel Allowance to Cumbria Community Foundation to give to someone who needed it more. From that one donation, over £280,000 has now been raised since the appeal started, awarding over 2,000 grants.

Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation said: “Every year we are thrilled with the commitment people have towards the appeal. We have raised more each year thanks to the generosity of the individuals and businesses who donate and those who brave the cold and take part in our Big Sleep fundraiser at the Low Wood Bay Hotel in Windermere.

We recognise the need for this fund. Each winter up to 300 people in Cumbria are at risk of dying because of the cold weather and this winter there was a record number of A&E admissions within older people. The financial support we give through our partners throughout the county will help reduce this number and literally save lives.”

There is still some funding available for older people through our partners. Please contact Cumbria Community Foundation on 01900 825760 for more information and how to apply.