The NSG Psyclopaths – The Countdown Begins

16th May 2014

Hello again dear readers. Nice to know you have remained loyal during my golfing sojourn to Turkey. I can assure you that cycling was never far from my thoughts as I strode down the lush green fairways and partook liberally of the free beverages. Suffice to say that a few kilometres were ridden in the surroundings of the luxurious spa and leisure complex.

By now my celebrity status amongst the Cumbrian Cognoscenti must be reaching stratospheric proportions following the much publicised photo shoot with my fellow literary giants, The Rivers Ride Bloggers. No doubt the publication of the story in the bastion of journalistic integrity – The Keswick Reminder, will have cemented our celebrity status. Funny how the Nationals haven’t been in contact yet though!!

Well then fellow riders, are we all getting excited with just over a week to go? I was so excited I had to go and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new bike. Still, it is on interest free credit, but when the Darling Wife discovers how much I’ve spent no doubt she will demand parity and spend the same on shoes and handbags!!

And so the day fast approaches with final preparations and last minute training schedules being completed. Reports from various Psyclos are giving me the confidence that not only will we stand out as finely honed athletes, but will also be the best looking team, resplendent in our new team jerseys!







It was also good to see the baby Psyclo putting in some belated training as he sped past my house and up into the hills of Anglezarke and Rivington. Whilst he was doing that I was up and around the back roads of Brindle and Wheelton, passing along the way, the burnt out shell of a much loved local drinking den, The Dressers Arms. Lets hope she rises from the ashes and we can once again enjoy a few gills of Big Franks best bitter.

Other more worrying news from the Psyclos is that newbie Psyclo James Rudd is struggling to maintain his position in the saddle having fallen off twice during an easy ride over the North York moors. The members of the other lesser known NSG team, the NSGeese, are experiencing similar problems. Perhaps they are oiling the wrong parts of their bikes!!

And so my friends, I will leave you to your preparations, to oil those gears, to grease those cogs and to liberally apply the ointments.

I hope you will all take time out to come and see us at the NSG tent in Fitz park, you might even get to meet a local celebrity!!!

So lets hope the good old British summer can come up trumps and give us the wind at our backs and the sunshine all weekend.

As a wise old friend once said to me “I don’t know if it’s illegal to be handsome and ride a bike at the same time but whatever, I live dangerously”

So be handsome and live dangerously my chums!