The NSG Psyclopaths – The Journey Continues II

16th April 2014

Hello again my faithful chums, not long now to the fateful day and as the ride date fast approaches, the enormity of the challenge is finally sinking in to such an extent that the Psyclos original line up has been decimated by withdrawals – it’s amazing how many old war wounds suddenly start twitching at the thought of a swift hill climb!!

But fear not dear readers, we’ve abandoned the weak by the wayside and brought in two finely honed athletes to supplement the already formidable team. Who are these hardy souls that will ride under the Psyclos banner I hear you all scream? Be still your beating hearts my chums. We now have in our team a seasoned Cumbrian campaigner and all-round athlete in the form of Su Latham, one of our colleagues from our sister company, Hold Engineering, based in Beckermet. Su will no doubt be familiar with the challenges of the mighty West Cumbrian landscape. She has even sent me a picture of her training!!

The other gullible…… ooops, willing volunteer is our very own Business Development Manager, James Rudd. James is very familiar with the West Cumbrian highways and byways, particularly Corney Fell, where he has had many an adventurous ride (in his car) and has managed to stay on the road on at least a couple of occasions!!!

What of the remaining original members, well make your self a cuppa, take a seat, put your feet up and I’ll give you an update.

John Morris (you remember – the budding musician) has been training well having recently completed a swift 18 miler. His first one for three months.

Chris Hart (yes, the baby Psyclo). I have been reliably informed is actually taking time off work to do some riding. Now that is commitment and dedication the youth of today can learn from.

Andy Watson (our ringer from Silverdell, Ark Environmental, EDS, OCS) has been too busy renaming the company to do any serious riding!

Me? Managed a little 30 miler around the highways and byways of Chorley, Rivington, Horwich & Bolton last weekend and I’m off to do three quarters of the coast to coast over the Easter weekend and then some proper training on the golf courses and bars of the five star resorts of Turkey.

Off now to clean my grips and grooves but remember folks, life is like riding a bike, if you don’t keep moving you fall off!!