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The NSG Psyclopaths – The Journey’s Momentum Increases

Oh God! he’s posted another one, does he ever stop, I hear you all mutter! Well truth be told dear readers – no. When you are on a roll – keep turning.

Do you remember last time I asked for some crisp spring weather? Well He/She up there must have been reading the blog as well as you lovely people and to celebrate I even ironed the lycra.

Suitably galvanised by the sun beating down, a couple of swift 24 milers to Bolton and back along the well formed cycle ruts over Anglezarke and through Horwich got the blood coursing through the veins. It was nice to see the local fire brigade waiting nonchalantly at the top of Anglezarke hill as I wheezed past just struggling to stay upright whilst my lungs were trying to explode out ofmy chest and my knees were screaming for me to stop. Fireman Sam leaning out of the gleaming red engine commented “nice day for it”, to which my reply was difficult to put into words but would have involved oxygen if I could have spoken! Still it was nice of him to ask!

Action from the Preston Guild Wheel

Most recently we (me and the Baby Psyclo plus partners) reprised the 21 miler of the Preston Guild Wheel circuit, starting at the temple of mammon that is the Capitol Centre and finishing leisurely at the renowned Continental Bar. This time the pace was even slower as my Darling Wife was the pace setter and if she peddled into a headbreeze she would stall and fall off!!

More training rides are to be scheduled and will include doing three quarters of the Coast to Coast over the Easter weekend.

So the sponsorship is going well especially after reminding some that they had already sponsored me and also already paid last year. Its looking very good for the Yellow Jersey as I have now topped £200. Fellow Psyclos will also be on course for the Yellow Jersey.

So dear readers and fellow riders all is now set: Accommodation – check, sponsorship – check, bike – check, lycra (padded) – check, Sunshine – TBC

So as a wise man once said “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring”

Keep those peddles turning!