The NSG Psyclopaths – The Journey Restarts

25th February 2014

Happy New Year Dear readers! Are you still with me? Being the hardy bunch I know you are, I’m sure you are still out there hanging onto every precious word. I’ve missed you so much!

So what have you been up to over the dark, wet and windy winter months? Have those sneaky pounds slipped back into the now even tighter lycra leggings? Well my fellow peddlers, the time is nigh to restart those rigid training regimes and the good news is that the Psyclopaths original line up has reformed, much like those hairy prog rockers of the 70’s (showing my age now) are apt to do from time to time!

Commitment is such to the Rivers ride that one of the Psyclos will even be cutting a Spanish siesta short to get to the start line. Even the baby Psyclo has finally come out of email hibernation to inform us of his training rides.

But what of the author I hear you all crying? What have I been upto.

After a full service on the bike I couldn’t wait to get back on the refreshed and newly gleaming two wheels. Enthusiasm was soon replaced with winter gloom as we were battered day after day by the great British winter weather. I don’t mind a little trickle down the back of the neck every now and again but I draw the line when ones face is being constantly wet blasted by horizontal rain. It does wonders for the complexion though, I appear to have lost 10 years off my face!!!

20 miles around the Anglezarke and Rivington moors proved that sitting around eating Christmas pud does little for the knees and calf muscles, as both were screaming for relief during the hill climbs. A 22 speedy mile round trip to the throbbing metropolis that is Bolton and back to the serene calmness of Chorley along the once glorious thoroughfare that is the A6 proved a lot easier.

So we are back with a vengeance, all we need now is a spot of crisp spring weather to get us back in the proverbial saddle, gliding up the slopes and gulping in the fresh country air. I’m knackered even writing it!!

Onwards and upwards dear readers and I’ll leave you with this simple thought “A bike runs on fat and saves you money, a car runs on money and makes you fat!” – Get out there!