Barrow Community Trust supporters hit savings milestone

25th February 2014

Barrow Community Trust has topped the £100,000 mark for deposits into its charity accounts with Furness Building Society which generate a big annual payment to the Trust.

The account enables supporters to raise cash for the Community Trust without spending a penny of their own money.  They simply save in one of the easy access Barrow Community Trust Charity Savings accounts with the Furness, receive interest on their savings, and the Society makes a payment from its own funds – not the savers’ money – based on the average annual total in all of the accounts.

The news comes hard on the heels of the Trust’s announcement that its donations to community groups within Barrow-in-Furness have passed the £1 million mark.  The community groups assisted include Four Groves Community Association, Project John, Drop Zone Youth Project, Barrow & District Disability Association as well as many others.

Rob Cairns, Chairman of Barrow Community Trust, stated: “The milestone for savings in the special Barrow Community Trust Charity Savings account is great news because it shows supporters are really getting behind the idea.  The Furness payment is calculated as the equivalent of 1% of the total balance in all of the accounts, so the more our supporters save, the more the Furness gives to the Trust, and the more support we can give to local community groups.  But the best news is it does not cost our supporters a penny of their savings – and they are getting a good rate of interest for an easy access account.”

“Barrow is extremely fortunate because it is the only place in Cumbria to have its own Community Trust.  But it only exists because of the outstanding support by local people – and I would urge any of our supporters who have not already opened one of these accounts to do so as soon as possible so they can be instrumental in Barrow Community Trust receiving an even bigger cheque from the Society each year.”

“As we have been set up purely with the aim of helping local community groups, including many of the smaller groups who need financial support, I would urge supporters of such local groups to also open a Barrow Community Trust Charity Savings account as the more that is invested, the higher our bonus payment will be, resulting us in being able to help even more community groups.”

Ian Quayle, Partnerships and Affinities Manager at the Furness explained: “A Barrow Community Trust account can be opened at any of our branches or agencies, but we also have an e-savings facility so that the accounts can be opened and operated on line – making it even easier to save and at the same time support the Trust.”

For more information about a Barrow Community Trust Charity Savings Account, read the leaflet or visit a local Furness Building Society branch or agency, call 0800 834312 or go to