The NSG Psyclopaths – The Journey Pauses

14th October 2013

We’re back, and you thought we’d just given up didn’t you, go on admit it you did.

Yes, my fellow cycling chums, the great British summer strikes again. We’d all reached our peak of physical and mental fitness – some peaks higher than others – but we were ready!!

So what were we to do to keep sharp? Go on a 36 mile bike ride that’s what. I  met up with fellow Psyclo and budding musician, John Morris, at the infamous Black Dog in Belmont. We used the Dog as the base of our campaign to conquer the trials and tribulation and the rolling hills of the West Pennine moors, Rivington and Horwich. These byways were used in the recent Iron Man race and also the Manchester Commonwealth Games road race, so that was the magnitude of the challenge we set ourselves. And conquer it we did, well not all of it, but a lot of it! After the round trip we settled down to replenish vital lost fluids with a couple of refreshing pints of Jumping Joe’s best bitter whilst basking in the summer sun (for once) and watching the locals at play.

This little ride was followed up by a titanic 46 miler from Chorley, around the Preston Guild Wheel and back to Chorley. I was accompanied this time by the baby of the Psyclos, Chris Hart, and his partner and my work colleague, Laura Horne. Chris and myself were slightly hindered from reaching our full speed by Laura who never really attained maximum comfort on the pencil thin saddle of the borrowed bike.

Post round refreshment was taken in the Continental Bar in Preston, again basking in the summer sun. Chris and I had a problem of getting Laura back onto her bike for the little ride back to the car but we managed after some persuasion.

She enjoyed it so much she even offered to join the Psyclos for the rearranged Rivers Ride!!!!

So as the dark nights draw in (sounds like a film title!) and the temperatures plummet, we have the thought of the revised Rivers Ride date to sustain us throughout the winter months and to remind us why we are cycling in the dark with freezing hands and frozen dew drops developing.

Well dear readers, I’ll leave you with that image and bid you farewell until next time – keep those peddles turning!!!