The NSG Psyclopaths – Journey Gathers Pace

2nd September 2013

Training in Holland
Training in Holland

Welcome back my friends, are you still with me?

Time is now getting short and the hills are getting steeper especially when I’ve just spent two weeks on holiday in the hilliest country in Europe. I’ll bet you are all imagining the magnificent snow capped peaks of Switzerland – The Jungfrau, the Matterhorn, Monte Blanc. Well think again my chums, the hills of the Netherlands were much more demanding, the infamously precipitous Speed Bump! the more tricky Slight Dip in the Cycle Path! I was held back slightly by my training partner (the Darling Wife) who, if cycled any slower, would fall off! So the lack of speed and inclines means that more intense work will have to be completed over the next two weeks. Despite the extreme flatness of the Dutch countryside, it is excellent for distance training and is of course years ahead of the UK when it comes to supporting the cyclist. Perhaps I could host a “fact finding” trip on behalf of the government! I thought I looked rather fetching in bright orange though!!

Reports from other Psyclopaths confirm that training is continuing in earnest, in fact one of our team has already conquered Whinlatter – well done Andy Watson. Methinks a tow rope might be in my backpack. Other Psyclos don’t appear to be embracing the training ethic with the same gusto – giving up after a puncture and getting a lift back! A little more motivation is required methinks – you know who you are Alan and Mark!!

Anyway, time to book the accommodation now the Info Pack has arrived.

See you all in Fitz Park bright and early.