The NSG Pscyclopaths – The Journey Begins!

5th August 2013

And so dear reader, the journey begins. The Rivers Ride came onto our radar some months ago. Methinks it can’t be difficult – rivers generally flow down valley floors so it must be flat. No problem! And so the call went out for willing and not so willing volunteers.

In the meantime further investigation discovered some minor challenges, there was a Pass involved!!! Now, my experiences of Passes particularly in Cumbria are not good. It generally involves inclines, effort and sweat and that was only on foot! I kept these little challenges from the willing volunteers. It was a need to know basis. They would get to know after they had signed up!

And so it came to pass (sorry about the pun) that The Pscylopaths were formed from veterans, young pups, athletes, novices and generally rotund, middle aged malcontents:

John Morris – NSG MD, he who must be obeyed and all round veteran athlete who can knock a decent tune out! Nigel Lowe – NSG Commercial Manager, team captain and finely honed athlete (in his head!), Mark Sheppard – NSG Assurance, budding athlete, Alan Hogan – NSG RPA, former athlete until middle age took hold!! Andy Watson – ringer from Silverdell, well we needed to get someone in who could ride a bike! and finally the bouncing baby of the team, Chris Hart another ringer only brought in to lower the average age!! All up for the challenge (haven’t told them about the pass yet though) and starting the intensive training regime – see you all down the pub then!