Power to the hour

13th May 2013

View of KendalSince my early twenties, I’ve relied on my cycle commute as a way of keeping fit. Distances have varied from the punishing Greenodd – Milnthorpe to the more manageable Kendal – Staveley. Work has now relocated to my home town of Kendal so the commute is a 5 minute walk.

Keen to keep the legs going for great charity rides, like the Jennings Rivers Ride and Fred Whitton Challenge, I came to the conclusion that an hour a day could be a workable solution. Having two young children and a business to run means that time is at a premium. Gone are the Sunday rides leaving home at 8.30 and crawling back at 3.30. An hour is a manageable session that can slot in before the start of the working day.

With time frame established the next consideration was terrain. Kendal’s surrounded by hills so climbing was the obvious option. If you’re going to do an hour then it might as well be painful.

A route was established taking in three hills: Scout Scar, Brigsteer and Greyhound. The 6 am ride means the roads are very quiet. It’s a great time to be out and avoids the stress of commuting through busy traffic.

The question is: an hour a day, is it enough? Can an hour in the saddle sustain a sufficient level of fitness so events, like the Fred Whitton, can be completed with the minimum of fuss.

We’ll soon see…