Creating a Fund

We are fully aware that we cannot tackle social problems alone. Cumbria Revealed will inform our grantmaking, and we will use it to work with our fundholders and continue our work with partners to support the very best for the county. Understanding the needs of a community and the issues it faces are the first steps to being able to solve them. In response to this, our trustees have agreed the challenge of doubling our endowment and doubling our grantmaking in the next five years. They have also identified the following grantmaking priorities for the next five years:

• Improving the lives of disadvantaged children and families
• Improving the life skills, education, employability and enterprise of disadvantaged people
• Supporting vulnerable older people
• Improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Cumbria
• Strengthening and supporting fragile communities
• Enabling people to access arts, sports, culture, heritage and the environment

People and businesses create grant making funds to support the people and causes which they care about most.  By utilising the knowledge and expertise of our staff, trustees and volunteers grants are channelled to best effect giving donors a great sense of satisfaction and confidence.

The creation of a fund is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  We work with our fundholders to learn about their needs and wishes and create funds which match their interests and need in the community.  Each fund has a named member of staff attached to it as a key contact point.  Funds are governed by an agreement setting out the objects, type and terms of the fund. We currently manage more than sixty different grant making funds.

Fund holders receive regular reports about the grants made through their funds.  All funded projects are asked to complete monitoring forms and to provide information and testimonies from the people assisted.  In addition fund holders can visit projects if they wish.

“Cumbrians are very proud but sometimes both young and old need a little help to realise that local projects can improve their quality of life and, in some small way, we are hoping to achieve that by financially supporting the organisations that provide them.”
Anonymous donor, The Evening Hill Grassroots Fund.

Minimum Fund Sizes:
Acorn Fund – £25,000 (income goes into the Cumbria Fund)
Named Fund – £50,000
Donor Advised Fund – £100,000

To make an appointment to learn more about funds, contact Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive on 01900 825760 or email