Cumbria Exchange

Cumbria Exchange is an initiative for community organisations, businesses and individuals to connect with each other to offer free or in-kind support for mutual benefit. It primarily operates and provides brokerage support in West Cumbria with the web based facility being extended to the whole of Cumbria. By supporting each other, businesses and communities can grow and prosper, each contributing in genuine ways for social and economic good.

The Exchange was extended in 2020 to offer a Skills Based Volunteering initiative funded by Copeland Community Fund, Decommissioning Delivery Partnership and Transforming West Cumbria.

This new initiative uses the virtual platform to broker online skills based volunteering from business and individuals to Community – non-profit organisations who play an essential role in the local community.

Community Organisations can benefit from Skills Based Volunteers by:

  • Having time or support donated from an expert.
  • Help with developing an area of expertise for example Business Planning, Finance, Marketing, and Digital Platforms.
  • Enlisting passionate Trustees.
  • Having increased access to volunteers who can cover different tasks and skills.
  • Saving on operating costs.
  • Utilising equipment that a business could be looking to part with.

A Business or Individual can benefit from Skills Based Volunteering by:

  • Supporting a group or organisation in the local community.
  • Sharing knowledge, resources and skills.
  • Offering employees a different learning/development opportunity.
  • Engaging with their local community.
  • Choosing a convenient time and duration to volunteer.
  • Having the flexibility in location and level of involvement.
  • Helping to achieve education or career milestones.

How to get involved: