Route Marshall

Marshalls are required at key junctions and locations en-route or by those more subtle turnings that a cyclist may miss.

Key Task:
• Directing cyclists around the route

You need to be prepared to be on the roadside for anything from a few hours to a full day. We aim to have you working in pairs so you can rotate and have a much deserved break.
Please note that marshalls are NOT there to direct / stop the traffic but to advise participants on which way to go and to check that it is safe to proceed before negotiating a junction. 
Marshalls will be provided with food & refreshments for the day and will be well briefed prior to the event. This will include the location of the junction you will marshal – please note we aim to choose a location close to your home and for the number of hours that you are free.

On the day a member of the Rather Be Cycling Team will make sure you are in the right location and check that everything is OK with you. This can be a long day and you need to be prepared for all weathers.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer email Andrea Takacs at