Fundraising as a team

We very much hope to have groups of friends and colleagues entering the Rivers Ride as teams.  You do this by choosing a team name and entering it under ‘participant details’ when you book your place on the Rivers Ride. 


For those teams that wish to fundraise, there are two ways to go about this using JustGiving:

1)     Set up a group page and raise money collectively as a team.  One team member will be the account holder, and other team members’ names can be added under ‘Other participants’.  (Please note – to qualify for yellow jerseys, you will still have to raise £100 per team member.)

2)     Create a bit of friendly competition – each team member should set up their own page and see who can raise the most money.  Then one person can create a team page to link together all the individual pages, compare who has raised the most and see the total raised by the whole team.


This may sound complicated, but don’t be put off, it’s really easy.  Click here for help setting up a group page or team page.  Please note – you can link your personal JustGiving page to any number of team pages (it’s a bit like joining groups on Facebook), so make sure that you all join the CCF team page as well as your own cycling team page!