Transforming West Cumbria – Family Wellbeing

Transforming West Cumbria is a multi-year social investment programme developed by Cumbria Community Foundation. It focuses on promoting thriving communities by supporting sustainable activities that create self-reliance and independence.

Family Wellbeing has been developed to improve the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families in West Cumbria by:

Encouraging a whole-family approach, supporting parents and families to engage and actively support their children’s development
Supporting children to build emotional resilience, particularly at critical transition points in their lives
Acknowledging the importance of early years (0-5 years) interventions and the need for intensive family centred support.

We recognise that to really transform children’s life chances, they need sustained interventions that meet the diversity of their needs and that participation and co-production must be a key component of any service.

The programme will also address a need for more support to work with parents and families to establish stability in the lives of children and achieve lasting positive outcomes.

Sellafield Ltd and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

Who can apply?
Community based organisations and partnerships that are ambitious, have a clear vision and are committed to creating transformational change are encouraged to apply.

Projects must demonstrate that they will address an issue that impacts on the poverty of children and families in Cumbria through:
Focussing on vulnerable children and families, including those under five years who need early support, as well as non-working households and those with other vulnerabilities that can result in inequalities facing children.
Identifying gaps in current provision and addressing these with innovative and creative proposals
Working with children/adults and their families to provide a holistic solution to their issues. By listening to families and understanding their needs, support should tackle the problem rather than just the symptoms.
Working in partnership with other public and third sector organisations to deliver the project.
Developing new or extending best practice while considering sustainable models of working.

Funded projects should be able to measure against expected outcomes:
Children are given the best possible start in life and can access future opportunities.
Increased emotional resilience.
Improved social and personal development.
Improved life chances of children and young people.
Increased attendance and engagement in school, training and employment.
Improved family relationships.
Improved engagement with support networks.
Improved achievement and outcomes in Early Years and address underperforming groups
To improve communication skills in Early Years.

Applications must include the following information:
Specific details of proposed project including activities, venues, numbers of beneficiaries who will potentially benefit and how they will be identified.
Specific anticipated outcomes
Specific measurements of success
Capacity to deliver in terms of current structure, personnel, experience and ability to consult effectively
Detailed costing – demonstrating value for money
Proposed timescales
Proposed links with other statutory and voluntary services – demonstrate the project compliments/enhances other services.

How much can you apply for?
The maximum grant is £50,000 per year
Grants may be a single award, or a series of awards paid over up to three years and dependent on progress

The Family Wellbeing programme aims to maximise its potential to increase social capital and promote innovation. Therefore, we would like applicants to demonstrate that the project has been or will be developed in co-production with those that the project seeks to benefit and how it has been informed by national best practice. Please either complete the Expression of Interest or contact Annalee Holliday for a formative conversation before applying.

When to apply
Expression of Interest to be received by 14th August 2020
Applications to be submitted by 4th September 2020

If you would like to know more about this programme please contact:
Annalee Holliday on 01900 825760 or email