#CanDo (part of Transforming West Cumbria)

Transforming West Cumbria is a multi-year social investment programme developed by Cumbria Community Foundation. It focuses on promoting thriving communities by supporting sustainable activities that create self-reliance and independence.

#CanDo aims to support the ambition of developing a lifetime commitment to social action and increase the number of opportunities for young people to volunteer, fundraise, or campaign on issues that are important to them, with a commitment to reducing the social and financial barriers that stop some young people from taking part in social action.

The aim of the fund is to increase volunteering, fundraising and campaigning among people aged between 10 and 20, and up to 25 for disabled young people in West Cumbria.

Funded by Sellafield Ltd, with match funding from Thomas Graham & Sons, Shepley Group Ltd and local donors, #CanDo is part of Transforming West Cumbria, a multi-year social investment programme developed by Cumbria Community Foundation.

Who can apply?
• registered charities, constituted community groups and other charitable organisations including Social Enterprises and CICs
• national organisations with local branches (with own management committee and bank account) can apply
• new groups that fulfil all the other criteria are welcome to apply
• the fund is to deliver social action opportunities among young people. (Definition of young person: any person age 10 to 20 years old when the programme begins, or 25 for disabled people)
• applications should be for a project that lasts a year. However repeat funding is a possibility
• community groups that can draw in match-funding are encouraged to apply. The presence of match funding will not affect our assessment of your application
• projects can deliver opportunities in a range of contexts and settings: for example online, extracurricular, in clubs and groups, informally, or as part of structured programmes
• groups should engage young people in ongoing regular volunteering OR demonstrate how another youth-led method will be as effective at engaging young people in social action. (For e.g. regular ongoing volunteering may not be achievable for the young people you engage)

Groups must demonstrate that their programme can meet the following six quality principles of great youth social action:
reflective, challenging, youth-led, impactful, progressive, embedded

This fund aims to develop opportunities rather than fund the ongoing costs of existing youth work. We are looking to fund organisations that involve young people in volunteering, campaigning and fundraising activities.

We will prioritise projects that:
• seek to increase participation from young people from less affluent social economic groups and young people who might not usually take part in volunteering, campaigning and fundraising activities
• are working with young people at the younger end of the spectrum (10-14 years old)
• build the appetite of young people to continue with campaigning, fundraising and/or volunteering and leave a legacy of behaviour/activity after the funding stops
• involve young people in consultation, planning, delivery and evaluation
• give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their potential and confidence
• give young people the platform to get their voice heard
•  can address the six principles of Youth Social Action

What we will support:
• staff costs – budget for staffing, including full-time staff, part time staff, sessional staff and other related expenses e.g. a volunteer coordinator
• development and capacity building costs – budget to help build capacity and sustainability of organisation e.g. staff/volunteer training, external consultancy fees
• volunteer costs – budget for reimbursements of expenses, e.g. telephone calls, travel and meals
• activity costs – budget for resources to facilitate a project / activity (which are not already included as part of equipment, volunteer or staffing costs) e.g. catering, insurance
• skills development projects, which help young people be ‘social action-ready’
• established groups with an existing youth provision may apply for NEW projects or an expansion and development of an existing project (recruiting new young people etc) which meet the aims of #iwill
• continuation funding for previously funded organisations is available, where the organisation can demonstrate effective and impactful use of the previous grant and learning and adaptation of processes.

We will not support:
• statutory services
• activities promoting religious or party political activity
• capital costs / large equipment costs – small scale equipment, such as tools are acceptable up to 10% of the requested grant
• individual sponsorship
• activities generating private profit

How much can you apply for?
• between £1,000 and £5,000 for each project

When to apply
Closing date 23/02/2024, committee meeting 20/03/2024. Apply using this application form.

Applications are reviewed by a youth advisory committee made up of young people aged 16-25 with a diverse range of lived experience of social issues affecting young people across the region. We’re currently recruiting young people to join the fourth committee. For more information, click here.

If you would like further information about this fund please contact:
Tracy Cheesbrough on 01900 825760 or email grants@cumbriafoundation.org