Older People’s Fund

Funded by anonymous donor

Who can apply?
• Organisations seeking to provide services for older people which will lead to a reduction in social isolation and increase local community participation

Examples of activities supported include:
• Provision of advice and guidance to older people
• Development of ‘befriending’ and other related services
• Organisation of social and educational activities which improve social wellbeing

Priority will be given to projects that:
• Work with isolated or disadvantaged older people
• Support older people in retaining or regaining their independence
• Work in partnership with other providers of services to older people in Cumbria
• Meet identified gaps in service provision

The Fund will not usually support applications:
• Submitted for individuals
• For non-charitable sports or arts
• For promotion of religious doctrine
• For provision of defibrillators and other medical equipment

How much can you apply for?
• Grants will not be considered for projects which are seeking less than £500
• Grants in excess of £20,000 will only be considered in exceptional circumstances

CCF administers a number of other small funds which have similar criteria; appropriate applications to the Older People’s Fund will also be automatically considered against these other funds.

If you would like to know more about this fund please contact:
Ellen Clements on 01900 825760 or email ellen@cumbriafoundation.org.