ENWL Storm Arwen Community Resilience Fund


Grants for groups that are supporting local communities impacted by Storm Arwen in 2021 in the counties of Cumbria, Derbyshire, Lancashire, and surrounding areas, to be better prepared for and more resilient to future emergency and/or extreme weather events.

Electricity Northwest Limited (ENWL)

Who can apply?
• local volunteer-led organisations
• not-for-profit community organisations
• local registered charities
• parish councils
• organisations must be benefiting residents in the eligible post code areas.

Please note: Applicants must be based in or provide a service to eligible communities, which are defined as those which were off electricity supply for 72 hours or more during Storm Arwen in November 2021 within the postcodes listed on the attached sheet.

Priority will be given to projects that achieve at least one of the following outcomes:
1. Resilience for Emergency Events: To enhance community facilities, services, and communication specifically to support the local response in the event of a significant emergency such as extended power loss.
2. Vulnerability: To protect the welfare of vulnerable community members particularly during significant emergency events such as extended power loss through enhancing their resilience and improving community participation and effectiveness.

As a condition of their grant award, funded organisations will be required to act as a focal reference point for the community for ENWL in the planning for and during future extreme weather or emergency events. This means that during future power outage events (or other incidents), organisations agree to:
• be contacted by ENWL
• share communications/information/updates to the local community
• be a reference point for support services

Examples of projects supported:
• Community communications hub – possibly including mobile phone charging, secured internet connection, satellite telephone systems.
• New or improved hot food and drink provision facilities at a central community hub/building.
• Improved access arrangements to a central community hub/building to facilitate use by the wider community and any vulnerable groups.
• Hardwired connection for a generator to allow simple connection of a temporary generator in a power outage event (e.g., external socket connection and changeover switch) to facilitate the efficient/timely provision of emergency power to central community hubs/buildings.
• Battery Storage Schemes can be supported as long as the meet the requirements as described here.
• Provision of a permanently installed generator or enduring alternative power source to supply emergency power to central community hubs/buildings in the event of a power cut (If applying for a generator applicants will be required to complete an additional information sheet and submit it with their application).

Please note: ENWL will consider any request that meets the two principal criteria of Resilience and Vulnerability. It has been a principle of the fund since its first conception that ENWL do not intend to define the types of projects that will be supported, as they recognise that communities will know what will help them most to prepare for future emergency events. The projects listed above are just examples of what may be supported.

Eligible project costs:
Grants will be able to cover the initial cost of any equipment, installation, and initial set up costs. They will not cover warranties, insurance, ongoing maintenance, consumables, or on-going licence costs.

Consideration should be given to how your project fits with any local community emergency plan. If purchasing equipment, consider how it will be stored and maintained. For capital items a minimum of two quotes are required.

What the Fund will not support in addition to our normal exclusions:
• individuals
• communities who do not meet the eligibility criteria
• retrospective funding
• solar panels

How much can you apply for?
Grants will normally be between £1,000 and £10,000 over one year. In exceptional circumstances grants up to £15,000 may be considered. If your project requires more support than this and/or you would like to discuss making an application, please contact Grants Officer Ellen Clements as per details below.

Additional support available in Cumbria:
ACTion with Communities in Cumbria (ACT) are providing wraparound support to eligible community groups in Cumbria to assist with making an application. We would encourage all applicants to contact Jozi Brown at ACT on 01768 425648 or by email on JoziBrown@cumbriaaction.org.uk

Successful applicants will need to work with ACT to show how any capital improvements will be sustained and kept as a community asset in the longer term.

Please complete the online application form here.

For more information, contact:
Ellen Clements, Senior Grants & Programmes Officer
ellen@cumbriafoundation.org or 01900 820824