Cumberland Building Society Charitable Foundation

A fund for charitable organisations, in particular those supporting the vulnerable people in their community, in the Society’s operating area of Cumbria, Dumfriesshire, Preston and Haltwhistle
Cumberland Building Society Charitable Foundation was established in 1998.

Who can apply?
• registered charities, charitable voluntary organisations and self-help groups
• national charities providing that they spend the donation within the area of benefit

Examples of the type of activities the Fund will support:
• activities that provide services to be used by the community, e.g. community centres, village halls, youth clubs. The Trustees prefer to provide funding for the purchase of specific items, such as equipment
• requests for help for individuals via a registered charity, e.g. provision of mobility equipment where the charity remains the owner and is responsible for the maintenance of that equipment
• preservation of local heritage, providing this is linked to community use

What the Fund will not support:
• administration equipment, such as computers
• staff salaries
• overseas travel and expeditions
• events for the general public e.g. village fetes
• organisations supporting other charities
• churches unless there is wider public benefit
• hospitals, medical centres and research
• animal welfare
Applications from charities that have applied or received a donation within the previous twelve months will not be considered.
Where a grant has been made for three consecutive years, a further application is unlikely to be considered until after a period of three years.

How much can you apply for?
• donations will normally be in the region of £250 to £750; however in exceptional circumstances a donation of £1,000 may be awarded.

If you would like to know more about this fund please contact:
Annalee Holliday on 01900 825760 or email