Comic Relief Fund – Core Strengths – Local Communities

Funded by Comic Relief.  Aims to support core running costs or organisational development costs of small community groups (as long as you have a constitution), registered charities, social enterprises, Community Interest Companies, Community Centres, Resident Associations and credit unions.  Grants are for up to one year only.

You can see more detail about Comic Relief’s priorities here:

Who can apply:

  • Organisations must have an annual turnover of £100,000 or under.
  • We will only fund local offices of a national organisation if you have your own management committee, governing documents and bank account.
  • Religious and political organisations can be funded if the organisation does not promote that religion/political ideal, or work exclusively with only people that are members of that religious or political body, and only if their work and organisation is inclusive of all local residents (i.e. anyone can work for the organisation or participate in activities).

How much can you apply for?

  • Applications can be made for grants of £1,000 to £5,000 for 1 year and your core work must reflect at least one of the Strengthening Communities programme outcomes:
    • Connected communities
    • Productive communities
    • Empowered communities

Priority will be given to:

  • groups operating in deprived areas – according to the indices of social deprivation; and/or
  • groups benefiting individuals facing severe disadvantage.

What the fund will not support:

  • Funding cannot be used for direct project delivery.
  • Organisations which are currently being funded directly from Comic Relief cannot apply for a Core Strength grant.
  • Individuals, trips abroad, statutory organisations (including schools), buses, minibuses or other community transport schemes (not including transport costs forming part of a project), building costs, including access adaptations to buildings

If you would like to know more about this fund please contact: Annalee Holliday on 01900 825760 or email