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Who's Sleeping

1. JESSICA ASTON (Carlisle) [TEAM: Santander]
2. Oscar Askew (MARYPORT) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
3. Richard Askew (MARYPORT) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
4. Samantha Balmer (PENRITH) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
5. Iona Baxendale (ULVERSTON) [TEAM: Let It Snow]
6. Izak Baxendale (ULVERSTON) [TEAM: Let It Snow]
7. Owen Baxendale (ULVERSTON) [TEAM: Let It Snow]
8. Paul Baxendale (ULVERSTON) [TEAM: Let It Snow]
9. David Beeby (COCKERMOUTH)
10. Phil Bennett (Cockermouth) [TEAM: Sleep is for the weak ]
11. Rebecca Bennett (Cockermouth ) [TEAM: Sleep is for the weak ]
12. Vicky Bennett (Cockermouth) [TEAM: Sleep is for the weak ]
13. Vicky Bennett (Cockermouth) [TEAM: Sleep is for the weak ]
14. Aimee Mae Birch (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
15. Lizzie Blair (Carlisle) [TEAM: Dodd & Co]
16. Laura Brough (Carlisle) [TEAM: PPM Limited]
17. Emily Brown (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
18. Janice Brown (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
19. Jonathan Brown (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
20. Kelly Brown (Windermere) [TEAM: TFPs Happy Campers]
21. Joanne Bushell (Millom) [TEAM: Richmond Fellowship]
26. Alex Carruthers (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
27. Linzi Carruthers (Carlisle) [TEAM: PPM Limited]
28. Lucy Cashin (Lancaster) [TEAM: Cashin Clan]
29. Joseph Causer (Prudhoe) [TEAM: Bond Dickinson]
30. Nick Chetwood (Sedbergh)
31. Alaana Coates (Coniston)
32. Cameron Coates (Coniston)
33. Karen Coates (Coniston)
34. Theo Coates (Coniston)
35. Emma Davidson (Carlisle)
36. Ian Davies (ST BEES) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
37. Jamie Dobson (Carlisle) [TEAM: Dodd & Co]
38. Michelle Doherty (Barrow in Furness) [TEAM: The Dohertys]
39. Neil Doherty (Barrow in Furness)
40. Hebe Dyson (Carlisle ) [TEAM: Dodd & Co]
41. Tracey Errington (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (from EHA)]
42. Jenny Everingham (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (from EHA)]
43. Sabrina Findlay (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
44. Beth Gardiner (Kendal)
45. Louise Gardiner (Kendal)
46. Andy Gibson (Kirkbampton) [TEAM: Santander]
47. Finlay Gibson (Carlisle) [TEAM: Santander]
48. Milton Goldring (Carlisle) [TEAM: Dodd & Co]
49. Lauren Graham (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
50. Duncan Greene (Penrith) [TEAM: Greene Adventures]
51. Lisa Greene (Penrith) [TEAM: Greene Adventures]
52. Nicole Greenway (WIGTON) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
53. Abbie Grey (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
54. David H (Whitehaven) [TEAM: CNSL]
55. Hannah Hamilton (Windermere) [TEAM: Loopy Lions]
56. Isla Hamilton (Windermere) [TEAM: Loopy Lions]
57. James Hamilton (Windermere) [TEAM: Loopy Lions]
58. Oliver Hamilton (Windermere)
59. Rowenna Hamilton (Windermere) [TEAM: Loopy Lions]
60. Sarah Hamilton (Windermere) [TEAM: Loopy Lions]
61. Alice Hardy (Cockermouth)
62. Philippa Hardy (Cockermouth)
63. Steve Hardy (Cockermouth)
64. Tommy Hardy (Cockermouth)
65. Todd Harris (MARYPORT) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
66. Ben Helliwell (Castle Carrock)
67. David Helliwell (Castle Carrock)
68. Joanne Holborn (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
69. Philip Hunter (Kendal) [TEAM: Lambert Smith Hampton]
70. Sarah Jackson (EDINBURGH) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
71. Lauren Jamieson (Prudhoe) [TEAM: Bond Dickinson]
72. Amelia Joyce (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
73. Miranda Kennedy (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
74. Andrew Kennon (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
75. Jack Kennon (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
76. Lauren Kennon (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
77. Amy Latham (Workington ) [TEAM: Latham United]
78. Sam Latham (Workington ) [TEAM: Latham United]
79. Stuart Latham (Workington ) [TEAM: Latham United]
80. Diane Laver (Kendal) [TEAM: Lambert Smith Hampton]
81. Euan Little (Holmrook) [TEAM: Team Little]
82. Evie Little (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
83. Marion Little (Carlisle) [TEAM: Napthens]
84. Molly Little (Holmrook) [TEAM: Team Little]
85. Robert Little (Holmrook) [TEAM: Team Little]
86. Sadie Little (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
87. Sian Littlemore (ULVERSTON) [TEAM: Let It Snow]
88. Angus Martin (GREAT ECCLESTON) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
89. Peter Martin (GREAT ECCLESTON) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
90. Abigail Mason (Seascale)
91. David Mason (Seascale)
92. Ian McBlain (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (from EHA)]
93. Sadie McBlain (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (from EHA)]
94. Peter McCall (PENRITH)
95. Ella McClure (BRAMPTON) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
96. Diane McCormick (Carlisle) [TEAM: Harraby Hornets]
97. Gordon McGregor (Carlisle) [TEAM: PPM Limited]
98. Lucy Miles (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
99. Nathaniel Morgan (Penrith) [TEAM: MORGAN]
100. Peter Morgan (Penrith) [TEAM: MORGAN]
101. Victoria Morgan (Penrith) [TEAM: MORGAN]
102. Phillipa Morley (Kirkby Stephen) [TEAM: Team Morley]
103. Beth Nicholls (Carlisle ) [TEAM: PPM Limited]
104. Louise Nicholson (Whitehaven)
105. Colin Norris (Carlisle)
106. Brian Orr (Cockermouth)
107. Richard Platt (Kendal) [TEAM: Lambert Smith Hampton]
108. Shelley Ramsay (carlisle) [TEAM: Santander]
109. Alice Rankin (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
110. Jacob Rankin (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
111. Noah Rankin (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
112. Richard Rankin (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Armstrong Watson]
113. Joe Redmond (STOCKPORT) [TEAM: Richmond Fellowship]
114. Soo Redshaw (COCKERMOUTH)
118. Tom Scaife (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
119. Paul Scullion (Kendal) [TEAM: Lambert Smith Hampton]
120. Juliette Sidi (Kendal) [TEAM: Lambert Smith Hampton]
121. Aiden Sims (Penrith) [TEAM: Greene Adventures]
122. Abbie Smith (Carlisle) [TEAM: Thomas Grahams]
123. Ellie Smith (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
124. Jo Smith (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
125. Josh Smith (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
126. Ken Smith (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
127. Matthew Smith (Carlisle) [TEAM: Thomas Grahams]
128. Rebecca Smith (Carlisle) [TEAM: Thomas Grahams]
129. Roger Smith (Carlisle) [TEAM: Thomas Grahams]
130. Freddie Speight (Brampton)
131. Tom Speight (Brampton)
132. Claire Stables (Cleator Moor)
133. Lisa Stamper (PENRITH) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
134. Alice Story (Prudhoe) [TEAM: Bond Dickinson]
135. Rachel Suckling (Cockermouth)
136. Kristina Thrush (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (From EHA)]
137. Karen Tilling (HOLLINGSWORTH) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
138. Karen Tomlinson (CLEATOR MOOR) [TEAM: Richmond Fellowship]
139. Stephen Topping (Workington) [TEAM: AREVA]
140. Jill Tweddle (Harrogate ) [TEAM: Harraby Hornets]
141. Gill Walton (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (from EHA)]
142. Heidi Ware (Penrith) [TEAM: Very Cool and The Gang (from EHA)]
143. Bridget Wedderburn (Windermere) [TEAM: TFPs Happy Campers]
144. Melanie Westgarth (PENRITH) [TEAM: Team Brewin]
145. Isabel Whitehead (Cockermouth)
146. Noah Whitehead (Cockermouth)
147. John Whittle (Penrith)
148. Jayne Williamson (Carlisle) [TEAM: Harraby Hornets]
149. Martha Winn (MARYPORT) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
150. Jessica Winstanley (CARLISLE) [TEAM: 1st Wetheral Brownies]
151. Amy Yallop (Carlisle) [TEAM: Dodd & Co]
152. Nick Younger (Broad Chare) [TEAM: Bond Dickinson]
153. Joanne cashin (Lancaster) [TEAM: Cashin Clan]
154. Isabel corfield (Kendal)
155. ruth corfield (Kendal)
156. jorrit jorritsma (portinscale)
157. Christian leprunier (ST Bees) [TEAM: AREVA]
158. Lola leprunier (ST Bees)
159. Marilou leprunier (ST Bees)
160. Valerie leprunier (ST Bees) [TEAM: AREVA]
161. Lindsay malthouse (CARLISLE) [TEAM: Baines Wilson]
162. aimee morley (workington)
163. fiona morley (workington)

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