Fundraising Tips

Set a challenging but attainable goal Your fundraising goal should be a stretch, but doable. If you are getting close to your goal, then raise it so people continue to donate (you don’t want prospective supporters to decide not to donate because you have reached your goal).

Set up your own personal Total Giving page. It makes collecting sponsorship money easy and convenient. It only takes a few minutes to set up a page, and then you can customise it, for example;

  • Add a photo of you (and your sleeping bag!)
  • Include some text explaining what you’re doing, and why you are raising money for the Winter Warmth Fund – just telling your friends that you supporting an important cause
  • Encourage people to take a few extra minutes to fill in the Gift Aid information to get an additional 25% from the Government
  • If you receive any donations in person, you can edit the ‘offline donations’ box on your page so that your total reflects all the donations you have received (don’t forget to post these to us!)

Kick things off with a generous donation Ask your close friends and family for their support first to get the ball rolling. People tend to match the amounts already listed on a sponsor form or donation page, so ask people who are more likely to get you started with some generous donations. £20, £10 or even £5 could help set the bar.

Get creative Holding a cake sale, auctioning pledges or offering to do gardening for your neighbours, there are lots of creative ways you can raise extra sponsorship. For inspiration, download our top 30 Fun Fundraising Ideas.

Spread the word – Update your Facebook profile

  • Update your status to tell everyone that you’re taking part, and include a link to your donation page
  • Post regular updates about how training is going, and remind people why you’re raising money for the Winter Warmth Appeal
  • Tag us and the Big Sleep page in your Facebook posts and we’ll share them to let others know how you’re getting on
  • Upload some photos of you preparing for a chilly night’s sleep!

Get tweeting!

  • If you have a Twitter account, tweet regularly about the event and how your training is going
  • Use # so people can see who else is talking about the Big Sleep
  • Don’t forget to follow Cumbria Community Foundation @cumbriacf, and tag us in your tweets

Tell your story Tell your story to potential sponsors – why are you taking part in the Big Sleep? Do you enjoy the great outdoors and are looking to take on a challenge? Do you know someone who is struggling to keep warm through winter? Do you know someone who has been helped by the Winter Warmth Fund previously?

Match funding See if your employer will match your efforts. Find out if the company you work for operates a matched giving programme and if they don’t, suggest the idea to them.

Say thank you Always thank your supporters for their generosity. After you have completed the Big Sleep, tell them how it went and how much you raised. People will be more likely to give again if they feel that their donation was appreciated and valuable. You might need their support again for next year!

It’s never too late It is never too late to start fundraising – any amount makes a difference. Don’t stop fundraising after you’ve completed the Big Sleep – tell people about your achievement and let them know they can still sponsor you. If you want some extra tips and ideas, take a look at our Fundraising Guide.