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Terms & Conditions

Cumbria Community Foundation Big Sleep 2016

“I” or “me” means I the entrant and proposed participant in the event.

“CCF” means the Cumbria Community Foundation Charity number 1075120.

“my group” means any other person whom I enter as a proposed participant in the event, whether under or over the age of 18 years.

“the event” means the event organised by CCF and called the Big Sleep presently scheduled to take place at the rear of the Low Wood Bay Hotel Windermere on 27th February 2016 with all participants sleeping outside in or out of tents.

I accept the following conditions:
1. I understand the nature of the event and the risk to my health safety and wellbeing of sleeping outside overnight in February.
2. I enter, and will participate, entirely at my own risk.
3. I am physically and mentally capable of participating. If before the actual event or during the event I find I am not physically or mentally able to cope with the event I will withdraw and I will inform CCF staff.
4. I am solely responsible for my own safety and wellbeing during the event.
5. The entry fee is purely a donation to CCF Winter Warmth Fund, and provides no insurance or other protection to me. It is non refundable whether I actually participate in the event or not. It will not be refundable even if the event is cancelled by CCF due to bad weather or other circumstances whatsoever.
6. I will not hold CCF liable to me in negligence for any act or omission which happens at or in connection with the event.
7. I will not claim damages or loss from CCF if I suffer loss or damage during or as a consequence of the event or my participation in it.
8. I will indemnify CCF against any damage costs or loss I may cause or occasion to CCF or other participants in the event arising from my actions or defaults at or in connection with the event, or my non observance of any of these terms and conditions
9. Any fees payable to third parties reasonably required to assist me in connection with any accident or illness befalling me or apparently befalling me, during or as a consequence of the event, I will pay.
10. I will provide and bring to the event for my use a waterproof tent a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature rating under EN 13537 of -5 centigrade (or a Three Seasons sleeping bag), sleeping mat, blankets and the other items mentioned in the Big Sleep kit list published on the CCF website for the Big Sleep. All that kit must be of suitable quality for the event and the forecast temperature and weather conditions for the Big Sleep.
11. I am solely responsible for my personal possessions. CCF will not be liable to me for their loss or damage whether such loss or damage arises from the negligence of CCF or not.
12. I will read all pre event information provided by CCF whether on the CCF website or otherwise.
13. I will not bring alcohol to the event
14. I will not bring any cooker or burner with a naked flame to the event
15. I will report to CCF event control upon arrival at the site of the event
16. I will leave the event if I am requested to do so at any time by CCF whether or not for a given reason.
17. At the event I agree to being interviewed filmed photographed video recorded and for any such material to be used by CCF in its promotions and publicity
18. The event site is at the rear of the Low Wood Hotel. I understand that I am not entitled as a participant in the event to have access to the Hotel itself or its grounds save for the designated event site.
19. I will ensure that all members of my group over the age of 18 years sign and agree to these terms before participating in the event, or have otherwise accepted these terms and conditions on the CCF website.
20. No member of my group may be under the age of 8 years. Within my group there will not be more than 2 members under the age of 16. I will be personally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each member of my group under the age of 18 and on their behalf and as their agent I agree to each of the above terms and conditions.
21. In the event of any of the above terms and conditions being found to be of no effect for any reason that will not affect the validity of any remaining terms and conditions
22. I understand the paramount objective of the event (and its challenge) is the health, warmth and safety of myself and all other participants. I will do what I can to further that objective. I will not do or omit to do anything which may harm or prejudice that objective.

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Total Raised

#cc3028 Raised £129,709 towards the £110,000 target.

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