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Cumbria Community Foundation has launched an appeal to help people across the county affected by today’s devastating floods.

It has kicked off it’s £1m appeal with a donation of £50,000 from its own funds and is asking people who can help, to give generously.

The Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund 2015 is for any individuals or families who suffer financial hardship as a result of the flooding. The money will also help with wider community relief and rebuilding projects.

Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation, said: “We are still in the eye of the storm, but we know that it appears the flooding is worse than in 2009 in some areas of the county. People will need financial help to rebuild and we want to have the means to do that.”

“It is difficult to assess the scale of the need, but we know that the flooding will cause significant financial hardship and emotional distress. We will convene meetings with the major voluntary groups involved in the recovery and also with major providers of social housing to assess the impact on their tenants.

“You can donate by Just Giving http://campaign.justgiving.com/charity/cumbriafoundation/cumbriafloodappeal2015

“Or by sending a cheque made payable to Cumbria Community Foundation and sent to CCF, Dovenby Hall, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 0PN.

“Or send a text to 70070 with the message ‘FLUD15’ and a monetary amount. For example, ‘FLUD15 £10’

“This is our third flood appeal, the first was in 2005. The second in 2009 raised £3m – all of which went back into rebuilding our devastated county.”

The Flood Recovery Fund 2015 is open to anyone whose home has suffered significant structural damage or flooding or people who have lost work or income because of the storm or flood.

It will provide support for – cleaning up, emergency repairs, clothing, food and drink, heating and heating equipment, child care equipment and basic furniture.

Priority will be given to households who have people over the age of 70, under the age of five, people with physical or learning difficulties or mental health needs or on a low income.

It will not normally fund – people who are fully insured, vehicles and businesses.

Initial hardship grants of £500 can be applied for, details will be released on Monday 7th December.

The Foundation learned many lessons from running previous appeals:

* The importance of a dedicated fund to secure and distribute financial support to community groups and individuals

* The important role voluntary and community organisations play in supporting communities during times of need

* How valuable small grants are in providing both financial and emotional support to individuals experiencing hardship

* How wide ranging and long lasting the emotional impact of such a disaster can be to individuals

* The impact on voluntary and community organisations during times of need (loss of income, opportunities to expand services and respond to need)

There will be two phases to the support people will require:

Phase one: immediate support for individual grants for households in priority groups (over 70s and under 5s and people with disabilities) and those without contents insurance (and occasionally buildings insurance). Group grants to front line services such as Red Cross, Citizens Advice Bureaux, Law Centre, furniture and white goods recycling and activities for children and young people.

Phase two: supplementary support: Individual grants for households whose income has been affected over a long term period and households who have continued to experience increased household expense due to relocation resulting from the flood.Group grants to organisations who have suffered damage to their property, those providing emotional support and counselling and community celebrations once residents have returned to their properties.

128 Responses to Flood Appeal Launched

  1. Mres VM Webb says:

    I just would like to know if you received our cheque for £170 from Cheddar U3A Scottish dancing team ? It has not been acknowledged.
    Thanks Val

    • Cumbria Community Foundation says:

      Hi Val, we have and you will receive a thank you letter shortly. Many thanks

  2. Maya says:

    Does anyone know when exactly the flood occurred?

    • Cumbria Community Foundation says:

      5th December 2016.

  3. John bucknall says:

    Hi we have a dining table and 4 chairs to pass on to an uninsured family uk flooded home the table is about 1.2 meters across and extends to seat 6. Only problem is its in Newbury. Solid Dark mahogany, fixed legs(does not dissassemble) slight scorch mark on it – but if you need a table then it will do. Happy for my info to be passed to a suitable person/victim if they can collect it.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello John, thank you for your comment. Please can you contact Eden Flood Volunteers on 01768 593190 or info@edenfloodvolunteers.org.uk as they have been collecting and distributing furniture items. Best wishes, CCF

  4. Fiona says:

    Hello, my parents have sent a cheque for fifty pounds to me to then pass the funds on to what I consider to be a suitable flood relief organisation. Their stipulation is that it goes to uninsured flood victims. Are you able to confirm that this is where their donation will go please?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Fiona, we are able to restrict donations as per your request.

  5. Gemma England says:

    Hi have lots of baby clothes are these in need?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Gemma. Please can you contact Eden Flood Volunteers on 01768 593190 or info@edenfloodvolunteers.org.uk They are providing supplies and volunteers to help clean up after the floods.

  6. Mrs stone says:

    My family are not in a position to donate money, but we have a working larder fridge if anyone can transport it we would be happy for it to help someone in need

  7. shaun wheatley says:

    hi i have a courier company and would like to supply a couple of vans and collect items from areas to take to a drop of point in the cumbria area can anyone help me in finding a place to drop the stuff of at .?

    many thanks

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Shaun. Please can you contact Eden Flood Volunteers on 01768 593190 or info@edenfloodvolunteers.org.uk They are providing supplies and volunteers to help clean up after the floods.

  8. Christine Rowley says:

    We have £74 raised from First Friends Nursery Christmas Nativity. How can we donate the cash with proof to our Parents that we have donated? We too are a Charity and don’t have a debit/credit card!

  9. David Bray says:

    Just realised my email will not be published.

    Please contact me via Mobile (07504208248) (free car)

  10. David Bray says:


    Was just hoping I could help somebody out.
    I’ve got a Car going for free if there is anybody who has lost a Car in the floods or maybe there is a family who just desperately needs one.

    It’s a 2004 Subaru OutBack AWD Estate, It’s a superb car. I’ve just bought a New a Car and was going to advertise it for sale, but I just feel there could be some body who desperately needs the Leg up…please be intouch if I can help

  11. nikki says:

    Hi how can I donate toys please? We live in Cambridgeshire

  12. Jonathan Smith says:

    Is there anywhere in the wiltshire area that is collecting items for people that have suffered from the floods? or how can we start something up?

  13. Holly Stevenson says:

    I live in Scotland and would like to try and get donations together clothes etc,but don’t know how to get it to the affected areas and where to send it? Thinking about all the families affected.

  14. Eunice says:

    Hi we have 2 armchairs 4 dining chairs cupboard with pet food new duvet new put you up bed cooker good working order mens shoes, small blankets and other things please can some one pick them up before 4th January as we are moving that day.

  15. Anna Townsend says:

    We have had a recent clear out of toys ready for charity but would like to donate them to the children of Cumbria. We’re in Southampton, Hampshire and wonder where we can donate? Many friends are asking the same.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Anna,

      Thank you very much for your support. As we are only dealing with raising money for the flood victims, we aren’t taking non-monetary donations. You can contact Cumbria County Council who are organising support of this kind: 01228 226508. Or contact Cumbria Flood Volunteers: 01768 593190 or cumbriadonations@gmail.com

      With many thanks

  16. jo cantelo-bond says:

    Hi there,
    my 5 ladies and myslef have christmas hampers that we would like to send, which iinclude a few Christmas food goodies, little pressie gestures, to help with those elderly and families that are not going to get as good a Christmas as hoped. Where can we send them to please?

    kind regards,

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Jo, that’s very thoughtful. I forwarded your contact details to West Cumbria Carers who know families who have been affected. They will be in touch soon.

  17. Steve Welburn says:

    I have a three bedroom semi detached House availble for a family to use over the Christmas period up until the 4th January. 2 doubles and 1 single room, another double can be made available
    The house will be furnished and there will be no charge for rent. All faculties provided.
    It is however in our beautiful city of Hull.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Steve, Cumbria County Council are coordinating offers of support. We know there is a lack of emergency accommodation in the county. Please contact them on 01228 226508.

      • Steve Welburn says:

        I have contacted them, am awaiting a response.

  18. Heather Wallace says:

    Are there any donation centres in Preston I have towels and bedding. Also some new children’s books etc for Christmas presents

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Heather, if you ask Cumbria County Council they may be able to help: 01228 226508

      Thank you

    • Denise says:

      Heather the cafe in the upstairs market in preston is being used as drop off point for all donations use to be called fryers fayre it’s the one upstairs many thanks

  19. Mark Hollands says:

    Cheques are in the post from two farmers in Warwickshire who hope that they may make a bit of difference to someone’s lives
    We all have problems tho some folks problems are slightly bigger than others !!!!!!!!!

    • ccfadmin says:

      Wonderful – many thanks Mark, very generous.

  20. Leanne says:


    Thinking about everyone affected by the floods.

    I have curtains, cushions & pictures etc… Is there anywhere near morpeth northumberland where I can donate things?

  21. john traymor says:

    Are you still needing temp accom, say for 2 wks over xmas and new year, i am a single lad from small village near durham with a 3 bed house, nowt flash, ex council built in the 70’s, but would gladly move into my brothers over xmas to give a family somewhere to celebrate xmas rather than a hotel or bnb,

  22. Jocelyn says:

    I think that people who are insured also need help and should be able to apply for cash grants to tide them over, even if this is on a loan basis. I am not affected myself, I have just heard from those who are.

  23. Paul and Sue Tucker says:

    my wife and i live in Plymouth. I know this a long way, but if there are any flood victims who needs someware warm and dry we have two spare rooms.

  24. L herd says:

    Hi my 2 young boys would like to post a few toys and Xmas bits for children affected in the floods, do you have a postal address please we can post these too as were in Lincolnshire

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello – there are centres around the county each needed specific items, a lot of cleaning products etc. Please contact Cumbria County Council on 01228 226508 or Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350. Many thanks

  25. Diane says:


    does anyone need any small animals looking after while they get their homes sorted?

    I’m based in Lancashire. I only have a small house but I have room to take rabbits/guinea pigs/snakes/anything small

  26. Vicki says:

    Is there anywhere in Contry Durham that is doing collections for Cumbria?
    If so could you please advise of the details.

  27. Wayne Johnson says:

    Hi all
    I am not in a financial position to help , but have a van full of tools and a willing pair of hands , and happy to get dirty
    Can I help anyone , I am a long time serve multi talented handy man plumbing, joinery, building and even happy to just muck out
    I live in scotland but used to live in Keswick and would love to help, just don’t know whom or what to do to help I will be happy to come down as of Monday if anyone needs help please contact me via handymancallander@aol.co.uk

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Wayne, thank you for your offer. Cumbria Flood Volunteers may be the best people to contact. They are helping with accommodation, food/clothing, tradesmen offering their time, moving furniture, cleaning, ensuring a home environment is safe to live in. You can contact them on 01768 593190 or cumbriadonations@gmail.com

      With many thanks for your support!

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  29. Kim Liversedge says:


    What items are people still needing? Doing a collection at work as we are all short of money, so felt donating items that are needed is better than nothing? Can you let me know asap so I can get an email out. Many thanks

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Kim – there are centres around the county each needed specific items, a lot of cleaning products etc. Please contact Cumbria County Council on 01228 226508. Many thanks

  30. Lynette McKone says:

    Addendum to previous post: I’ve now spoken to CVS: They are acting as a clearing house so small goods can be taken to them at the Old Fire Station in Penrith or to Impact housing, also in Penrith. I’m not sure where the fire station is but Impact are behind the railway station, off morrisons roundabout. They are looking for duvet covers and bedding, good toys Etc. CVS are open to 9pm this evening. Hope this helps.

  31. Lynette McKone says:

    I’ve just spoken to CVS to enquire where goods can be donated: The old fire station and Impact housing, both in Penrith. Didn’t get a number from impact but I can soon find one, but the old fire station is on: 017685 93190. Hope this helps , Lynette

    • ccfadmin says:

      That’s great – thanks Lynette. Impacts number is:

      Workington: 01900 68648
      Whitehaven: 01946 313108
      Carlisle: 01228 633655
      Eden: 01768 210555
      South Lakes: 01229 583185
      Furness: 01229 311002

  32. Dear Cumbria Community Foundation,

    We would like to make our concert on Saturday December 19 at Acorn Bank a fundraising concert for the Cumbria Flood Relief Fund – do you have a collecting bucket, or charity tax relief forms, – how can people who come to our concert donate money to your appeal.
    Our choirs are Lakeland Voices and the Penrith Community Choir, both led by me David Burbidge – Smithy Cottage, Farfield, Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5LW 015396.21166

    • ccfadmin says:

      Emailed you Dave, thanks for your support.

  33. Carol says:

    I’ve put this on my blog – as it’s a hillwalking blog, hopefully it might generate some more donations.

  34. Elkra says:

    Hello, devastated at the sight of the flooding and the people affected. I have various household goods etc., which I am willing to give for the use of those affected. Would it be possible please for these items to be collected – bed linen,cushions, lamps, mirror,pictures, Xmas decorations, small wooden gate, folding garden chair, garden pots, cutlery, bakeware, mugs, odds & ends of china, etc.
    Please email me if these items can be of use. All are in vgc.
    Live in Cumbria, near west coast.

    • Lynette McKone says:

      I too have good quality, clean goods to donate.i have bedding, small furniture items, clothes, household goods which I can make available: despite hours of searching on the web I cannot find anywhere to do this! If there is no central point in the Eden valley then I’m more than willing to set one up. Lynette McKone, Kirkby Stephen

      • ccfadmin says:

        Hi Lynette – that’s wondeful, would you please co-ordinate with Cumbria County Council on 01228 226508 and Impact Furniture Services in Penrith on 01768 210555. Many thanks

    • ccfadmin says:

      Thanks so much for your kind donation – would you please contact Impact Furniture Services on 01900 68648 who will arrange collection of the goods. Many thanks

  35. Helen Lanaster says:

    Hello I have a 3 piece suite in very good condition (G plan)
    if it is of use to anyone please ring me on 0798 556 3051

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Helen, many thanks for your kind thoughts. Please would you contact Impact Furniture Services who can arrange collection. They’re available on one of these numbers:
      Workington 01900 68648
      Whitehaven 01946 313108
      Carlisle 01228 633655
      Eden 01768 210555
      South Lakes 01229 583185
      Furness 01229 311002

  36. Hannah says:

    Hello, my workplace is taking donations for the flood appeal. Do you know where we could take the donations or who to ring to organize a drop-off? We are in Barrow. Thanks

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Hannah. Are you taking cash donations? If so, there are various ways to donate. If you are donating items e.g. food, clothing etc, please contact Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350. Many thanks

      • Hannah says:

        Yes they are cash donations. Will Cumbria CVS still be able to help with that?

      • ccfadmin says:

        No, please donate through the Cumbria Flood Recovery Appeal – there are various ways, listed on our home page: http://www.cumbriafoundation.org

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  39. Janet - Bolton says:

    Good luck to everyone up in Cumbria. Had many holidays in the Lake District and love the friendliness up there. Best Wishes.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Thank you Janet

  40. Robert says:

    Dies the fund have charitable status so that donations can be give aided to further benefit fund raising?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Robert. Cumbria Community Foundation are a registered charity (no. 1075120). Whichever way you donate you can give more via gift aid if you are a UK taxpayer – this is added on automatically through our online JustGiving and BT My Donate pages. If you donate over the phone we can send you a gift aid form to complete and return.

      Many thanks for your support

  41. Jim Howard says:

    What a fantastic job that you are doing helping those in desperate need at this devastating time for your community. My cheque is in the post. I am a UK tax payer and would like you to claim gift aid for my donation.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Thank you Jim, once we receive your cheque we will post a gift aid form.

  42. Steve errington says:

    I need help with my disable family’s flooded home I cannot do this on my own any more and don’t know who to turn to please help

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Steve, we’re very sorry to hear about your situation. Please can you call us on 01900 825760 where our team will be on hand to help you.

    • Wayne Johnson says:

      I live in scotland but used to live in Keswick , I am long term served in property maintenance I have a van full of tools and a willing pair of hands , I have made next week clear in my diary , if I can help at all please contact me and I will be willing to help out
      I just don’t know whom to contact or who to help

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  45. Tracey selby says:

    Hi I know it’s a long shot as I live in cardiff but I’d happily open my home to family for Christmas my door will be open I have 2 children and it’s just deverstateing. If anyone needs somewhere to go this Christmas there welcome at my home.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Tracey, that’s very kind of you. Please would you contact Cumbria County Council on 01228 226508 or email PPC.EmergencyOffersofSupport@cumbria.gov.uk who are coordinating offer of support.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Tracey,

      Thank you so much for the offer of accommodation. Please can you contact Cumbria County Council as they are centralising all donations. Please visit: http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/communications/floodhelpoffers.asp

      The contact number is 01228 226508

      Thank you again for your support

  46. Malcolm Riches says:

    There will be a special collection for the Appeal at the Village Carol Service in St Kentigern’s Church, Caldbeck, next Sunday 13th December at 2pm.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Thank you very much Malcolm, that’s very kind. Have a wonderful Carol Service.

    • Mrs Judith Rowe says:

      Our Church St Godwalds in Bromsgrove Worcestershire would like to make a £50.00 donation to the Flood Appeal.We are having our Candlelit Carols Service on the same day and would like to remember you all in our prayers

  47. Anne O'Neilll says:

    very impressed by the work you do. We had. Churches Together Coffee Morning with local school children singing. we raise £220 and changed our charity, which is always well supported in order to send the money to you. God bless you in all the work you are doing.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Thank you Anne – that’s very kind of you. Keep up the good work, Churches Together is vital in times like this.

  48. Sandra Hill says:

    I have just attempted to make a donation to your flood appeal via text message but I got a response advising me to re-try using the pre-fix “FLUD20…..followed by the donation amount”. I did so but have received a further text stating “Sorry we cant recognize your JustTextGiving code”. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Sandra, thank you for the support. The JustGiving text code is FLUD15, not FLUD20.

      • Sandra Hill says:

        I tried that first but then got the scenario as explained in my initial email. My colleague at work has also experienced the same difficulties?

      • Sandra Hill says:

        I’ve realised my error – my initial text read FLUD2015 not FLUD15…..my mistake SORRY!

  49. tina says:

    I have some coats if they would be of use where can i take them?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Tina, we’re focussing on getting money into the appeal. If anyone would like to donate items, please contact Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350. Very many thanks for your support.

  50. tina says:

    I have some winter coats to donate if they would help.If so where can I take them?

  51. malcolm coleman says:

    have been watching on tv in france , my daughter has been sent to help the environment agency from blandford dorset , will send a donation

    • ccfadmin says:

      Thank you Malcolm, we are overwhelmed with support for the appeal. Thank you also for your support.

  52. Amy says:

    How do I find out if I can help anyone with baby items? Thanks

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Amy, please would you contact Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350. Many thanks.

  53. lesley says:

    is claims just for elderly and people on benifits please because were i live was quite shocked to have been flooded thanks

    • lesley says:

      sorry i didnt get an answer or email gona try this through other channels

      • ccfadmin says:

        Hello Lesley, we’ve been very busy at the moment dealing with calls and emails – we apologise that you haven’t had a response yet. Please can you call back on 01900 825760. If your query is with regards to donating equipment, food or volunteering please find all the details on Cumbria County Council website: http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/communications/floodhelpoffers.asp

        If you’re calling to apply for a grant, the application form is available on the homepage: http://www.cumbriafoundation.org

        Thank you

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Lesley, we’re very sorry to hear you have been affected by the floods. Although we are prioritising older people, those with young families and vulnerable adults, we will consider your application and assess it accordingly. Please complete an application form, available on our website.

      • lesley says:

        aw ok thankyou for your response any ways

  54. Sue Reid says:

    I work in a large government office in Durham and think we could donate toys, food, gifts etc but would it be possible to have them collected if management decide we can go ahead and appeal for contributions?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Sue, that’s very kind of you. Please would you contact Cumbria County Council on 01228 226508 or email PPC.EmergencyOffersofSupport@cumbria.gov.uk who are coordinating offers of support.

  55. Kate Badley says:

    We have a bungalow available in Penrith which is normally a holiday let.. But is empty and will be empty over the winter. How is the best way to make this available ? Through the district council?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for getting in touch. Please contact Cumbria CVS who have kindly agreed to coordinate all offers of help. 01768 800350.

    • jasmine says:

      Hello Kate,
      If you are offering any help you can do it through this website http://www.spiritofcumbria.co.uk/

      homes, transport, pet sitting, all sorts.

      • jasmine says:

        twitter is also a good platform, using the hashtag #spiritofcumbria

      • ccfadmin says:

        Thanks Jasmine, there’s also Cumbria Flood Volunteers. They are helping with accommodation, food/clothing, tradesmen offering their time, moving furniture, cleaning, ensuring a home environment is safe to live in. You can contact them on 01768 593190 or cumbriadonations@gmail.com

  56. Jill Jones says:


    I would like to send a cheque to the flood relief fund. Is there a form of words for the tax declaration – so you can claim the tax back on my donation?

    Jill Jones

  57. Brian says:

    Having donated a number of time to overseas flood appeals via DEC, I would like to donate to a UK disaster fund. I see that you intend to help those without insurance. Will you include those who simply elected not to insure their homes as well as those who could not do so?

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hello Brian, thank you for your enquiry. We are prioritising people who have been flooded who are over the age of 70 or those that have children. Many people do not have insurance, whether this is because of the cost or were unable to get adequate cover due to being in high flood risk area. We do ask when assessing the application why they had no cover. Many thanks for your interest in the appeal.

  58. Lyndsey says:

    Hi, We are a cleaning company and flood restoration company. we have heard about the terrible flooding in cumbria. If we can be of any help please contact us, or pass our details to the cumbrian residents. all salvage work undertaken, carpets drying out and cleaned, upholstery drying out and cleaned and draining of residual water from rooms

    TEL- 0800 002 9559

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  60. Hi, This is terrible whats happened and happens to be a quiet time of the year for our business anyway, therefore would like to offer our services at a reduced cost to try and help in the best way possible. Primarily we’re a double glazing firm but also carry out general building work and can supply even just laborours at cost if required ? Could someone advise the best way to try and offer our services ?

  61. Keith oxley says:

    I want to give, I am 77 and not effected in ant way.
    I get fed up with the concept f prioritising old people, I want to help all people especially people with families.
    Is their a fund that puts families first?

  62. W J Koch says:

    I would like to make a donation but the money only to be used immediately to help people directly affected by the floods and not invested for some other longer term goals adding to your £9.4m of investments.

    How can I be sure that by giving to the Flood Appeal that is how the money will be used and not given to Comic Relief or other some nice prestige projects.

  63. Kate Hoskin says:

    I have made a donation today. Thinking of all of you affected by the floods and sending you all our strength to get through the days ahead. We’ve been there too and know what it’s like.

  64. Michele Simms says:

    All the best

  65. Ron says:

    How can I find out about people (west Cumbria) who need help in anyway.Ps im an electrician aswell.

    • ccfadmin says:

      Hi Ron, please contact Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350 – they’re coordinating volunteers. Many thanks

  66. Allan Doyle says:

    My inlaws have had 150mm of water through their house today, they live in Hawick St. Carlisle. This is the second time they have been flooded and they think they will not be able to pay for insurance next time round.
    They are both in their 70s and my father in law has a bad breathing condition.
    The damage is limited to the living room as the kitchen has a tiled floor and can be cleaned. what is affected is the carpet and 3 piece suite and gas fire.
    With help we think we can sort it out without claiming on the insurance, can you help us????????????

    Kind regards Allan Doyle

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